You're profile in the game doesn't do much but it does keep track of some basic stats for you.


It is always located at the bottom of your screen on the left side. It's a glowing blue circle with the Ministry of Magic M in the middle.


Your profile looks like a pamphlet that was folded into thirds and then unfolded so you could see it.

Starting from the top of the rightmost page you can see the counter of how many beasts you have encountered. Since every case only has one beast (?), the counter basically tells you how many cases you have completed.

Underneath that you have the objects found counter. Similar to how it sounds, it just counts how many total hidden objects you have found throughout the game.

Finally at the bottom of that page you have your high score. This tells you the highest score you have gotten from any of the scenes and which scene it was.

The middle page has your Ministry of Magic Identity Card. The page is mostly composed of a shiny stamp (similar to what you would see on your passport) but at the bottom you can see your current level and your witch or wizard name.

The left page has at the very top two purpleish blue circles with an envelope in one and a trophy in the other. Just as the symbols say the one with the envelope is your mailbox where you can receive messages from your Facebook friends. The trophy is where you can see the awards that you can earn (or have earned) for either google play for Android or XXXXXXX for Apple.

Underneath those two circles there it a button where you can connect to your Facebook account. If you have already connected to your Facebook account it..............................................

And for the last thing on your profile page there is the symbol of the beasts first in bronze, then silver, then gold. Next to each symbol is a number which tells you ...............................................